Safeguarding Privacy

It is important that we safeguard the privacy of visitors of We therefore describe in our privacy policy which information we collect and how we use this.



By using the information and services on, you agree with our privacy policy and the conditions we have included in it.



If you wish to receive more information or have questions about the privacy policy of Nolina Kwekerijen BV, and in particular, you can contact us by email. Our email address is


Use of cookies places cookies on its visitors’ devices. We do so in order to collect information about the pages you and other visitors view on our website, to keep a record of how often you and other visitors return to our website and to find out which subjects you and other visitors like to read on our website.


Monitoring visitor behaviour uses different methods to keep a record of who visits the website, visitor behaviour and which pages are visited. That is a normal way of operating websites, as it provides information that contributes to the quality of user experience. The information we record – via cookies – includes IP addresses, the type of browser used and the pages visited.

We also monitor on which page visitors visit the website for the first time and from which page they leave. We track this information anonymously and it is not linked to personal information.


Disabling cookies

You can decide to disable cookies. You can do so by using the options of the browser you use to visit the internet. You will find more information about this on the website of your browser’s provider.


Third-party cookies

It is possible that third parties, like Google, advertise on our website or that we use one or more services offered by third parties. In some cases, these third parties place cookies for that purpose. Their functioning cannot be changed or influenced by; only uses the results of the cookies.



Sometimes we need more information from you, for example when you buy something from us, would like to apply for a job with us or want to download one of our photographs. In that case, we would like to know your name and how we can reach you. Otherwise it will be very difficult to contact you. We will then ask you explicitly for permission to use your data, which you will have left on our website. And that is all we will do.

Of course we will not store your data unnecessarily. Our privacy policy is: “keep it as anonymous as possible”. Would you like to know which of your data we store or do you want us to delete your data from our system? Then click here. We strictly adhere to all statutory provisions. It is up to you to decide how we use your information.