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Full focus on growing and thriving

For our plants, team members, partners and customers

Nolina is a tightly-knit family business that was founded in 1966 in the town of Woubrugge in the Dutch Province of South Holland. The company is managed by the De Lange brothers, Marcel and Steef. Our nursery currently covers a total surface area of 24 ha, of which 11 are under glass.

Our plants are growing and developing – and so too are our staff and our customers. Just as strong roots and good soil are essential for growth, we invest our energies in a solid foundation and the intrinsic strength of our plants and our people. And this translates into flourishing growth, not only of our products but also of our staff and our customers.

Partners in quality

Consistent and innovative

At Nolina we keep on innovating and we’re always looking for ways to improve our quality and service. Instead of focusing on short-term successes, we invest in long-term goals.

Our modern greenhouses are equipped with the most advanced automated systems and robot technology. For plant propagation, we use Rombomatics robots that take and stick cuttings. This automated procedure produces very uniform plants of consistently high quality. Using automated systems enables us to grow the plants in a highly efficient way that results in top-quality products. Our cultivation operations take place quickly, efficiently and on time.

Feel free to get in contact with one of our team members to find out more.

Together towards a flourishing future

A few words from the De Lange brothers

Marcel de Lange (aged 51), brother of Steef, has been a director of Nolina Kwekerijen B.V. since 1996. He’s responsible for HR, cultivation and finance. “As a child, my playpen literally stood in the nursery where my parents worked, so cultivation and business are a part of everyday life for me. Growing plants is my passion; it’s what gets me out of bed every morning. Working with an enthusiastic, motivated team every day also energises me. We can be proud of our family business and team members, our market image and our reputation within the local community. For me, the wellbeing and long-term employability of our team members is critical in order for us to be able to perform well. To be able to keep up in this rapidly changing world around us, continuous development is key. People play a pivotal role in our company, with a clear focus on producing sustainably and with a market-driven approach.”

Steef de Lange (aged 43), brother of Marcel, has been a director of Nolina Kwekerijen B.V. since 2002. “My focus areas are sales, procurement, logistics, young plants, real estate management and overseeing our technical support team. At Nolina, we’re dedicated to our products and our team members. Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, product quality and customer satisfaction are the key pillars by which we manage the company. These pillars have enabled us to become a household name both nationally and internationally and a leading company in the horticulture industry. It’s fantastic to be able to stand alongside my brother and our management team at the helm of this wonderful family business that was originally founded by our grandfather – working together to build a sustainable, innovative organisation.”

Sustainable and socially responsible

Creating the optimum conditions

We are fully committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility throughout our entire production process. This includes automating our production systems to provide our employees with the best possible working conditions.

Our greenhouses are energy-efficient. We generate our own electricity in ultramodern CHP (combined heat and power) units and use any residual heat as an efficient way of heating our greenhouses.

Production takes place in closed ebb and flow systems that recycle water and nutrients. The growing conditions are optimum for producing strong plants. If crop protection is needed, we use organic products in 90% of cases. We have been MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-Socially Qualified and MPS Quality certified for several years and we also take part in the MPS ProductProof programme.

By listening carefully to our customers and our employees and constantly anticipating new developments, we are united in our commitment to a sustainable future!

How we work at Nolina

A relaxed and open work environment

At Nolina Kwekerijen, our team of 135 employees makes consumers across Europe happy every day with our beautiful flowering pot and bedding plants. After all, our employees are our most important resource, so we devote a great deal of care and attention to their health and safety. Every day, we work together with passion and enthusiasm to create a world full of colour. We are an innovative family business with a relaxed and open work environment. It’s not surprising our motto is ‘Passion for people, Passion for Plants’.