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Clematis Boulevard® Collection

The Clematis Boulevard® Collection consists of different varieties, each in a gorgeous colour.

The plants have a beautiful compact habit and produce many beautiful single flowers from early spring to late summer. Boulevard® Clematis are very resilient and have an extremely good shelf life, which also makes them suitable for use indoors.


Available from week 17 till 21

Boulevard® White

Boulevard® Red

Boulevard® Blue

Boulevard® Pink

Clematis Garland® Collection

An exciting and unusual collection of Clematis with a multitude of beautiful flowers for indoor and outdoor use.

The varieties in this series can be kept as indoor flowering pot plants during winter, before planting outside in springtime. When planting, please ensure these Clematis are in a sunny or semi-shaded spot, and cover the ground around the plant a little so that the roots stay cool and they are protected from direct sunlight.


Available from week 16 till 21

Garland® Blue

Garland® White

Garland® Red

Garland® Duo